Administrative Staff

    Executive Office

    Valerie Lewis, Anna-Maria Kellen Executive Director, ext. 24  |  e-mail

    Nancy Morgan, Deputy Director, ext. 20  |  e-mail

    Joanne Coco, Executive Assistant, ext. 23  |  e-mail


    Music and Arts Instruction

    Gary Tigner, Director of Programs, ext. 14  |  e-mail

    Ivan Antonov, Assistant Director of Programs, ext. 11  |  e-mail

    Matthew Stewart, Production Manager, ext 35 I  e-mail

    Third Street Partners

    James Hall, Assistant Director of Third Street Partners, ext. 37  |  e-mail

    Nicholas Scarim, Program Manager  |  e-mail

    Lauren Tenney, Coordinator of Third Street Partners,   ext. 53  |  e-mail

    Preschool & Early Childhood

    Elaine Winter, Director of Preschool and Early Childhood Programs, ext. 16 |  e-mail

    Kirstin Aadahl, Preschool Administrative Assistant, ext. 48 | e-mail

    Development & External Affairs

    Chun Yee Yip, Director, ext. 32  |  e-mail

    Arlene Kriv, Assistant Director of Communications, ext. 42 I e-mail 

    Katharine Nemeth, Manager, Individual Giving, ext. 26  |  e-mail

    Christine Chiang, Manager, Institutional Giving, ext. 25  |  e-mail

    Maya Holley-Peretz, Communications & Marketing Associate, ext. 51  |  e-mail

    Alyssa Yuen, Development Associate, ext. 38  |  e-mail

    Student Services

    Loyi Malu, Director, ext. 18  |  e-mail

    Myra Nieves, Registration Manager, ext. 30  |  e-mail

    Tiffany Quiroz, Account Associate , ext. 52 |  e-mail

    Scott Lynch, Receptionist, ext. 10  |  e-mail

    Barbara Weiss, Receptionist, ext. 10  |  e-mail

    Jaimie Appleton, Student Services Assistant, ext. 17  |  e-mail

    Finance & Administration

    Steve Aronson, Curt Livingston Director of Finance & Administration, ext. 28  |  e-mail


    Laura Currier, Financial Data Manager, ext. 34  |  e-mail

    Matthew Brunner, Human Resources Associate, ext. 31  |  e-mail


    Patrick Pierre, Director, ext. 15  |  e-mail

    Beverly Harper, Safety Director  |  e-mail

    Mario Cox, Security Guard

    Edwyn Pitre, Head Custodian  |  e-mail

    Robert Grier, Custodian

    Joel Marin, Custodian

    Jhonny Rodriguez, Custodian


    Job & Volunteer Opportunities

    Visit our Job & Volunteer Opportunities page for more information on employment and volunteer openings at Third Street.