Dance enables the expression of musical ideas and sounds through body movement. Third Street Music School Settlement believes that dance and music are inseparably connected, and that dance offers a unique opportunity for physical and artistic expression. Third Street’s dance program emphasizes proper body alignment, healthy physical development and the complete integration of music and dance.

In addition to being a discipline of its own, dance study can help to expand the musicianship of instrumentalists and singers. For example, dance can enhance the physical connection to music in terms of breathing and artistic expression. It also helps develop a deeper understanding of the many musical forms that are based on dance styles like the waltz, sarabande, minuet, gigue, barcarolle, mazurka and polonaise. Third Street recommends that all music students study dance at some point in their education.

Students follow a carefully developed, sequential course of study that includes increased participation and performance opportunities as they progress through the program. Students considering a career in dance can pursue an accelerated course of study.

All dance programs are for boys and girls.



Third Street offers many performance opportunities to its students, including Music Hours, Studio Recitals, Department Recitals and more. Visit the Performance page for details on these programs.




Ages 2 to 5
This introductory class engages young children in the basics of movement and ballet. Spatial awareness, body alignment and musicality underscore the rich imaginative experiences that delight young dancers. Includes a family demo-day.



Age brackets from 5 to 18
Using the principles of classical ballet, this style of dance emphasizes placement, support and communication through dance and the discipline necessary to achieve it. Pointe classes are offered to Level III and IV dancers with permission of the instructor.



Ages 6 and up
In this fun and high-energy style of dance, students learn dance combinations to their favorite pop songs. Music is always kid-friendly and appropriate. Classes focus on development of skills, self-confidence and personal style. 


Tap Dance

Age brackets from 5 to 18
This class offers basic principles and techniques of tap. Emphasis is on precision, rhythm and musicality.


Dance Department Enrichment Program

The Nutcracker
Each year the School presents a chamber version of the holiday ballet favorite, The Nutcracker. Current students with experience may audition in the beginning of the fall semester. The Nutcracker Company rehearses from October to December and performs for the community in December.

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